New Zealand 5 Star Gold Sustainable Tourism Award


Warblers Retreat - a romantic eco-luxury hideaway in the heart of Auckland, are delighted to have achieved a 5 star gold sustainable tourism award through Tourism New Zealand’s Qualmark rating scheme.   This is a first Qualmark rating for Warblers Retreat and an award we are immensely excited about receiving.

We have always had a strong vision for creating an experience that caters for the ‘environmentally aware’ traveller; someone desiring a sustainable tourism experience in New Zealand.   This is what Qualmark is seeking in its assessment criteria – the ability to deliver high quality experiences to all travellers.

What other criteria does Qualmark assess?  

Qualmark uses an assessment framework which includes a range of categories such as economic, social and people, environment and culture, health safety and wellness.  Sustainability is a key focus.  Weaving sustainability into all practices is particularly significant regarding assessment criteria. 

At Warblers Retreat, protection of the environment is key focus for us.  Surrounded by bush a there’s a strong sense of responsibility.   


To us sustainability means to do what we can to protect the natural environment we live in, to grow as much of our own food as we can, and to recycle as many of our used products as possible.   We like to inspire others to do the same.

Developing Warblers Retreat

We began re-creating and developing Warblers Retreat five years ago.  In doing so we had a policy of using as many natural products as possible, using what was on the property and upcycling as much as we could.  There’s upcycled seats, timber, even the flag pole!  Our landscaping business, Sustainable Landscapes, has the following motto, ‘we follow nature’s path by using natural products and local resources to create beautiful landscapes’. 

There’s an acre of gardens nestled in the midst of five acres of subtropical rainforest and bush.   A wide range of fruit and vegetables have been planted which now attracts prolific birdlife due to the abundance of organic food. Many native trees and shrubs have also been planted to add to the range of food sources for the local wildlife.

Accommodation Rating

Where accommodation is provided, Qualmark uses a five star rating system.  5 stars means the accommodation provides some of the best facilities and services on offer in New Zealand.  We believe a nice balance can be achieved by providing luxury in an ecologically friendly way, and we have refined our systems and processes with constant innovation to cater for this.

For our guests, we encourage them to feel part of our natural environment while they stay.  By being immersed in it, not only do guests feel more relaxed and at peace, there becomes a greater desire to care and protect our environment.  As well as having a great ‘Kiwi’ experience, we are particularly happy when they take away with them the continued desire to do what they can to protect our environment.  We are hoping the Qualmark 5 star gold sustainable tourism award will help to endorse and encourage this ongoing sense of responsibility for us all.